Prince Andrew: The Musical garners the same response from viewers

Prince Andrew: The Musical brought with it the same review from most of its viewers.

The tongue-in-cheek, all-singing, all-dancing musical portrayal of the disgraced royal split viewers before it even began. Channel 4 retold the story of how Prince Andrew got wrapped up in a child abuse scandal and his relationship with the Epsteins but some viewers found it tasteless and “too soon.”

Kicking the programme off with the prince’s Newsnight interview, the satire was ripe from the jump. Viewers embraced the campier side of things but as the show progressed, they unanimously agreed on one major thing.

Though it was tasteless to an extent, viewers were able to bypass this and enjoy the over-the-top satirical commentary. Aside from the on-the-nose punchlines, those watching agreed Prince Andrew: The Musical generally wasn’t that good.

Though the majority of viewers took the programme at face value, lapping up the pantomime performance, it’s not expected to win an Olivier any time soon.

One viewer said: “Prince Andrew The Musical – it’s so awful that I can’t take my eyes off it.” Another added: “Must admit I’m enjoying Prince Andrew the Musical. It’s very trashy, but much fun.”

Whilst a third said: “Prince Andrew The Musical is brilliant. The casting of Charles and Thatcher will make some people rather angry.” A fourth added: “I don’t know if I’m enjoying Prince Andrew The Musical but I can’t stop watching.”

A final said: “It’s sooo bizarre and so real at the same time … !!!”

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